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5F RF Marinr (Single-Curve) Series

Ablation Catheters

5F RF Marinr (Single-Curve) Series Ablation Catheters

The 5F Marinr® series of RF catheters is designed for smaller patient anatomy and enhanced steerability, and it offers multiple curve sizes.


  • Single curve control offers precise movements
  • Shaft designed for smaller vasculature
  • Smaller introducer can be used

Important Safety Information

Catheter ablations should be conducted by a trained physician in a fully equipped electrophysiology laboratory as risk exists for pulmonary embolism; myocardial infarction; and other serious complications.

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  • 5F steerable curve, braided stainless steel shaft
  • 4 mm tip electrode with thermocouple
  • Single-curve with 4 curve reaches
  • Six models
  • Quad (4) electrodes
  • 2/5/2 electrode spacing
  • 80 cm and 110 cm lengths