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Cardiac CryoAblation System

CryoConsole Cardiac CryoAblation System

The CryoConsole is the device that powers the Arctic Front Advance™ Cardiac CryoAblation Catheter. The console houses the electrical and mechanical components and software needed to perform cryoablation procedures. It controls the delivery, recovery, and disposal of cryoablation refrigerant safely and efficiently.


Advanced Technology for Efficient Operation

The CryoConsole encompasses the electrical and mechanical components and proprietary software for controlling a cryotherapy procedure with the Arctic Front Advance catheter. It stores and controls the delivery of the liquid refrigerant (N2O) through the coaxial umbilical to the catheter, recovers the refrigerant vapor from the catheter under constant vacuum, and disposes of the refrigerant through the hospital scavenging system. Multiple features are built into the catheters and the CryoConsole to promote safety.

Flexible and Ergonomic

The CryoConsole features ergonomic design, a height-adjustable monitor, and touch-screen control for a straightforward procedure.

Intuitive Operation

Patient data and therapy variables are managed by a simple touch-screen interface. The screen also displays numerical and graphical data to help physicians and staff assess the status of the system, catheter-tissue contact, ablation time, and catheter temperatures. The CryoConsole can transmit information about the procedure to other EP recording systems for display purposes.

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How It Works

How the CryoConsole Works

The CryoConsole safely manages the delivery, recovery, and disposal of N2O during cryoablation procedures. Its components and software operate the Arctic Front Advance catheter, and provide continuous monitoring ensuring system safety.

Perform and Monitor, Cryoablation Procedures

During a cardiac ablation procedure, pressurized liquid nitrous oxide (N2O) is delivered from a tank in the CryoConsole. The liquid refrigerant travels in an ultra-fine tube through the coaxial umbilical and the shaft of the cryoablation catheter to the tip of the catheter.

The liquid refrigerant vaporizes as it is sprayed into the tip. As it vaporizes, it absorbs heat from the surrounding tissue, thereby cooling and freezing the target tissue. The warmed refrigerant is vacuumed back to the CryoConsole through a large lumen within the shaft of the catheter and coaxial umbilical. The CryoConsole discharges the vapor into the hospital scavenging system.


Gas Management