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Hemostasis Management System

HMS Plus Hemostasis Management System

When Measuring the ACT is Not Enough


Heparin and Protamine Management

Medtronic Perfusion Systems remains the pioneer and leader providing both a heparin dose response test and the only point of care heparin assay for individualized heparin and protamine management. Our technology has been identified as a required technology per the 2007 Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) guidelines5. The HMS Plus Hemostasis Management System is a reliable, versatile and effective platform for accurate heparin and protamine management1 resulting in lower procedural and operational costs2, 3, 4

HMS Plus Hemostasis Management System

The HMS Plus Hemostasis Management System is a reliable and versatile platform used to perform multiple tests for heparin management. By providing information regarding the individual patient's response to heparin, the HMS Plus System determines the appropriate dose for the patient so that the needed anticoagulant and antithrombotic effect can be achieved.

Benefits of Improved Hemostasis Management

  • Fewer complications associated with excessive blood loss1
  • Preservation of the coagulation system, resulting in fewer transfusions2
  • Fewer surgical reoperations3, thus decreasing associated costs

Manage Your HMS Plus System Data Efficiently and Effectively

  • Stand alone software
  • Easy download of data
  • Documentation for billing and reimbursement
  • QC and patient data management including pre-formatted reports

As part of Medtronic's ongoing commitment to helping you manage your work efficiently and effectively, we offer the HMS Plus EDM, an external data manager to accompany the HMS Plus Hemostasis Management System. By combining this powerful software with the HMS Plus System, you will have access to the reports you'll need to analyze and make informed decisions. This timesaving data management solution offers added convenience, reassurance and confidence – allowing you to stay focused on improving patient outcomes.

The HMS Plus EDM is a versatile Microsoft Access-based data management software application that runs on a PC and is designed to help you manage your patient and QC testing data. All aspects of Microsoft Access software required to run the application are included with the HMS Plus EDM.

Users can select from a list of pre-formatted reports to view the desired information using a variety of sort options.

Ordering Info

HMS Plus System
Order Number Description # of Units
30514 HMS Plus System is a microprocessor-controlled instrument used to perform multiple tests for anticoagulation management. In addition to activated clotting time (ACT) tests, it allows the user to perform tests to measure actual circulating heparin concentration and assess a patient’s individual response to heparin. 1 per box
HMS Plus Cartridges - Each box contains 9 syringes, 9 blunt needles
4 Channel
304-01POR Red - 0.0-0.9 mg/kg 9 per box
304-02POR Yellow - 0.0-1.5 mg/kg 9 per box
304-03POR Tan- 1.5-3.0 mg/kg 9 per box
304-04POR Silver - 2.0-3.5 mg/kg 9 per box
304-05POR Blue - 2.5-4.0 mg/kg 9 per box
304-06POR Green - 3.5-5.0 mg/kg 9 per box
304-10POR Purple - 4.5-6.0 mg/kg 9 per box
6 Channel
304-07POR Orange - 0.0-2.5 mg/kg 9 per box
304-08POR Gold - 1.5-4.0 mg/kg 9 per box
304-09POR White - 2.5-5.0 mg/kg 9 per box
304-11POR Black - 3.5-6.0 mg/kg 9 per box
304-20POR Heparin Dose Response (HDR) - 6-Channel 9 per box
304-30 High Range ACT (HR-ACT) - 2-Channel 9 per box
HMS Plus Coagulation Controls
Heparin Assay Controls, 10 vials controls, 10 vials deionized water per box
306-01POR Red/Yellow 10 per box
306-02POR Tan/Silver 10 per box
306-03POR Blue/Gold 10 per box
306-04POR Green/White 10 per box
306-05POR Orange 10 per box
306-09POR Purple/Black 10 per box
HMS Plus CLOTtrac® Coagulation Controls
Each box contains 15 vials of single-use control and 15 vials deionized water for reconstitution
550-07 CLOTtrac® HR Coagulation Control - Verify performance of HMS Plus HRACT Cartridges (304-30) and the HMS Plus 15 per box
550-08 CLOTtrac® HR Abnormal Coagulation Control - Verify performance of HMS Plus HRACT cartridges (304-30) and the HMS Plus 15 per box
550-13 CLOTtrac® HR Control Pack (contains both normal and abnormal controls) 15 per box
HMS Plus Accessories
HMSPLUSSC Bar Code Scanner 1 per box
300-01 Monoject® Syringes, 3cc 100 per box
300-02 Blunt Needles, 1-7/16", 19 GA 100 per box
313-51 HEPtrac® Electronic Control for HMS Plus 1 per box
300-04 Thermal Printer Paper 5 rolls per box
300-10 Temperature Verification Cartridge for the HMS Plus 1 per box
300-19 HMS Plus Cleaning Kit 1 per box
30032 HMS Plus Cart 1 per box
31506 HMS Plus Salvage Reservoir Cups 100 per box
313-50 HEPline Kit 1 per box
HMSPLUSEDM HMS Plus External Data Manager Software 1 per box



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Despotis, GJ, et al. More effective suppression of hemostasis system activation in patients undergoing cardiac surgery by heparin dosing based on heparin blood concentrations rather than ACT. Thromb Haemost. 1996;67:2-8.


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