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We offer additional products for orthopaedic surgery, such as PEAK PlasmaBlade™ devices for tissue dissection and Midas Rex® pneumatic and electric surgical drills.

PEAK PlasmaBlade Device

The PEAK PlasmaBlade device from Medtronic

PEAK PlasmaBlade system for tissue dissection and bleeding control without collateral damage

Based on innovative proprietary technology, the PEAK PlasmaBlade device is a tissue dissection system that represents an important advance in radiofrequency (RF) surgical technologies. PEAK PlasmaBlade devices offer the precise control of a scalpel and the bleeding control of traditional electrosurgery, without the extensive collateral tissue damage.1,*

Learn more about the PEAK PlasmaBlade device for tissue dissection.


Performance has not been specifically established in all procedures.



Loh S, Chang E, Huang EJ et al. Comparison of surgical incisions with the PEAK PlasmaBlade, traditional electrosurgery, and a standard scalpel. J Plastic Recon Surg 2009; 124(6):1849-1859.

Surgical Drills and Tools for Orthopaedic Surgery

For more than 50 years, Medtronic Midas Rex has developed innovative surgical drills and attachments for cranial surgery, orthopaedic surgery, spinal procedures, and others.

Midas Rex MR7 Pneumatic Surgical Drill

Midas Rex MR7 High-Speed Surgical Drill from Medtronic

The Midas Rex MR7 provides exceptional power and performance*

The Midas Rex MR7 High-Speed High-Speed Surgical Drill offers exceptional power and performance* in a pneumatic surgical drill that works with all of our Legend® tools and attachments. Learn more about the Midas Rex MR7 Surgical Drill for orthopaedic surgery and other procedures.

Midas Rex Legend EHS Stylus Electric Surgical Drill

Midas Rex Legend Stylus High-Speed Surgical Drill from Medtronic

The Midas Rex Legend Stylus is small and lightweight with high torque

With high torque in a compact size, the Midas Rex Legend EHS Stylus® High-Speed Surgical Drill is suited for a wide range of procedures, including orthopaedic surgery, neurotology, spinal, and ENT surgeries. It's powered by our Integrated Power Console (IPC® System) and is compatible with our comprehensive selection of Legend tools and attachments. Learn more about the Midas Rex Legend EHS Stylus Surgical Drill.

The Medtronic Neurologic Technologies Product Catalog provides additional information about all of our Midas Rex products, including surgical drills, tools, and attachments for orthopaedic surgery.


Compared to Midas Rex Legend Gold System