Take charge of CLTI.

Critical limb ischemia (CLI), now more commonly referred to as chronic limb-threatening ischemia (CLTI), is a growing health concern that significantly impacts patient quality of life and ability to function.

Optimize outcomes.

Our broad below-the-knee (BTK) portfolio and proven therapies offer the toolset you need to access, cross, and treat lesions with confidence.

Below-the-knee product portfolio

Estimated 1.0–2.2 million people in the United States with CLI.1,2

Less than 1/3 of patients with CLI are prescribed optimal medical therapy.3

Up to 40% of untreated CLI patients are at risk of amputation at one year.4

Treat with confidence.

HawkOne™ Directional
Atherectomy System

Click, flush, go
Providing versatility, simplicity, and procedural efficiency to restore blood flow in lesions above and below the knee.

  • Versatility to remove plaque and restore flow
  • Treat soft plaque to severe calcium
  • No capital equipment for quick and easy setup

Risks may include but are not limited to: arterial perforation, embolism or arterial thrombosis, arterial dissection, arterial spasm, and vascular complications that could require surgical repair.

HawkOne directional atherectomy system on white background

Chocolate™* PTA Balloon Catheter

A unique nitinol cage encases the Chocolate PTA balloon for controlled dilatation. 

  • Confidently size 1:1
  • The pillows apply the force required for effective dilatation. The grooves relieve stress to minimize flow-limiting dissections.5

Risks may include: abrupt or subacute closure, pseudo-aneurysm, thrombosis, allergic reaction to device materials or procedural medications, arterial injury (such as dissection, perforation, or rupture), embolism, hematoma, and hemorrhage.


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Compared to TurboHawk™ directional atherectomy.



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