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Closeup of the Percept PC neurostimulator for deep brain stimulation.

With the only commercially available sensing technology in deep brain stimulation (DBS), the Percept™ DBS platform ushers in a new of era of DBS therapy for Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, dystonia,* obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD),* and epilepsy.

Indications, Safety, and Warnings

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Activa RC and Activa SC neurostimulators

The Activa™ RC and Activa™ SC neurostimulators are full-body MR Conditional with advanced programming options.

Indications, Safety, and Warnings

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Humanitarian Device: Medtronic DBS Therapy has been authorized by Federal Law for the use as an aid in the management of chronic, intractable (drug refractory} primary dystonia and for people with chronic, severe, treatment-resistant obsessive-compulsive disorder. The effectiveness of this device for these uses has not been demonstrated.

Medtronic DBS systems are MR Conditional and safe in the MR environment as long as certain conditions are met. If the conditions are not met, a significant risk is tissue lesions from component heating, especially at the lead electrodes, resulting in serious and permanent injury including coma, paralysis, or death. Refer to the MRI Guidelines for Medtronic Deep Brain Stimulation Systems for a complete list of conditions.