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Decreasing permanent pacemaker implantation rates in the STS/ACC TVT Registry1

At TVT 2022, Dr. James Harvey presented real-world experience highlighting the continued downward trend of permanent pacemakers (PPI) with the Evolut platform.

The data suggests the adoption of procedural techniques, such as cusp overlap, coupled with advancements in valve design, contribute to declining PPI rates (14.7% in 2018 Q3 to 8.8% in 2021 Q2 for in-hospital PPI rate).

Sample size

N = 54,014


Evolut™ R/Evolut™ PRO/Evolut™ PRO+

In-hospital pacemaker rates by quarter

Graph of single-digit new in-hospital permanent pacemaker implantation rates, shown at a declining rate

These rates exclude baseline PPI/ICD and include TAV-in-SAV and TAV-in-TAV treated patients.

TAVR risks may include, but are not limited to, death, stroke, damage to the arteries, bleeding, and need for permanent pacemaker.

Evolut PRO+ self-expanding valve: 30-day outcomes from the U.S. TVT Registry2

At EuroPCR 2021, Dr. Bajwa presented the first large report of the Evolut PRO+ system, including comparisons between the Evolut R and Evolut PRO+ 34 mm valve size.

Evolut PRO+ valves, with a pericardial wrap on all valve sizes, demonstrated lower total aortic regurgitation (AR) compared to Evolut R valves with low rates of moderate AR (1.9% versus 2.0%) and mild AR (27.8% versus 34.8%) at one month. 

Among 34 mm valves, ≥ mild AR was numerically lower at one month in patients treated with the Evolut PRO+ system compared to those treated with Evolut R valves (p = 0.071).

Sample size

N = 525 Evolut R; N = 3,963 Evolut PRO+


Evolut R 11.7%/Evolut PRO+ 88.3%

Total AR at 30 days

Bar graph of total aortic regurgitation from patients who underwent TAVR using either Evolut R or Evolut PRO+

p-value is comparing milder or greater total aortic regurgitation between groups.

TAVR risks may include, but are not limited to, death, stroke, damage to the arteries, bleeding, and need for permanent pacemaker.

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Harvey JE. Decreasing Permanent Pacemaker Implantation Rates in the STS/ACC TVT Registry with a Supra-annular Self-expanding Transcatheter Heart Valve. Presented at TVT2022; June 9, 2022; Chicago, IL.


Bajwa T, Rammohan C, Puri R, et al. The next-generation self-expanding transcatheter device: 30-day outcomes from the TVT-Registry. Presented at EuroPCR2021; May 2021.