Deep brain stimulation

Medtronic, the originator and world leader in deep brain stimulation (DBS), is boldly transforming brain modulation through sensing-enabled DBS.

Our 30-year commitment to DBS patients is deep and far-reaching.


Medtronic has served over 180 thousand patients1


Countries offering DBS with dedicated support1


Invested in R&D over past 5 years1


Globally, Medtronic brain modulation is sponsoring or supporting more than 50 DBS studies across 15 countries1

DBS therapy offers patients a new lease on life.

Our personalized treatment can control debilitating tremors for a person living with Parkinson’s — someone who longs to hold their morning coffee with a steady hand.

We are continuously advancing, leveraging our expertise and 30 years of experience to innovate and engineer extraordinary solutions.

“I have my old Clint back because of the DBS.”

– Wife of DBS patient

Engineered to adapt

Meet the
Percept™ family.

The Percept™ family with exclusive BrainSense™ technology empowers clinicians to adapt DBS therapy to a patients' evolving needs over time.

Empowering patient freedom with patient-first capabilities for flexibility and convenience.

Enabling personalization with data-driven insights that allow you to adapt therapy to your patients' needs.

Designed for upgradability Engineered for future software updates designed for the Percept™ platform without a neurostimulator device exchange.

and patient


Percept™ PC and Percept™ RC neurostimulators with BrainSense™ technology



BrainSense™ technology

Medtronic has the only sensing enabled DBS system with BrainSense™ technology, directionality and advanced programming — providing insights-informed, personalized care.

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MRI resources

Medtronic MR Conditional DBS systems are backed by more than 14 years of MRI research and testing history.

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† The sensing feature of the Percept™ PC system and Percept™ RC system is intended for use in patients receiving DBS where chronically recorded bioelectric data may provide useful, objective information regarding patient clinical status. The majority of patients with Parkinson’s disease have an identifiable signal. Signal may not be present or measurable in patients treated for essential tremor, dystonia*, epilepsy, or obsessive-compulsive disorder*.

* Humanitarian device: The effectiveness of these devices for the treatment of dystonia and obsessive-compulsive disorder has not been demonstrated.

MR Safety Triangle Under specific conditions. Refer to product labeling for full list of conditions:


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