Getting a Shunt Shunt for Hydrocephalus


Brain surgery always entails some risk, but shunts have been used to treat hydrocephalus for more than 50 years. A neurosurgeon places the entire shunt in less than an hour. Most people go home less than a week after surgery, ready to enjoy life with fewer distressing symptoms.

Potential Patient Pathways

In order to determine the potential patient pathway, a healthcare team will use one or more of a variety of possible diagnostic tests.


Your Healthcare Team

You’ll work with a variety of healthcare professionals as you pursue shunt therapy for treating hydrocephalus.


Surgery: What to Expect

Your healthcare team will walk you through the surgical process, which includes important steps before, during, and after the procedure to implant a shunt.


Questions and Answers

We’ve provided answers here to some of the most common questions about shunt therapy for hydrocephalus.