Strata™ Valves Shunt for Hydrocephalus


Strata Valve

Strata adjustable pressure valves are part of a shunt system used to treat the symptoms of hydrocephalus. A shunt redirects excess cerebrospinal fluid in the brain to another part of the body, allowing the brain’s enlarged ventricles to return to a more normal size.

Key Features

  • Noninvasive pressure setting adjustment
  • Optional Delta™ Chamber allows pressure in the brain to be maintained within a certain range, regardless of body position.
  • Reservoir dome allows your doctor to sample cerebrospinal fluid and test shunt function.
  • Contoured reservoir base mimics the curvature of the skull.
  • Hand tools allow for verification of pressure setting without the need of an x-ray.


The valve is placed behind the ear or near the top of the head. It’s attached to a ventricular catheter on one side, which is placed in the ventricle of the brain and a distal catheter on the other, which goes to the peritoneal cavity or right atrium of the heart.


The device shown is not actual size. Other sizes may be available.

Height 0.63" (1.6 cm)
Width 1.85" (4.7 cm)
Depth 0.28" (0.7 cm)


The device that appears in this graphic is a representation of a Medtronic device. The graphic does not include certain identifying information that may appear on Medtronic devices, such as model number or serial number.


Since the Strata valve includes a magnet, special precautions must be observed around magnetic sources such as some audio headphones. Common environmental levels of electromagnetic radiation generated by security scanners, metal detectors, microwave ovens, mobile telephones, high voltage lines, computers, and transformers will not affect the valve.

Strata Adjustable Valves are MR Conditional

Strata Adjustable Valves and Shunts are considered Magnetic Resonance Conditional in accordance with ASTM F2503. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems of up to 3.0 Tesla and a spatial gradient magnetic field of 720 gauss/cm or less, may be used at any time after implantation without damaging the Strata Adjustable Valve mechanism, but can change the performance level setting.

Strata Adjustable Valve Performance Settings Can Be Changed by MRI

Exposure to MRI can change the performance level setting of the Strata Adjustable Valve. For patients that are undergoing an MRI procedure, it will be necessary for the doctor to check the valve pressure setting afterwards and readjust it if necessary.