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One generator. Multiple solutions.

The Barrx™ radiofrequency ablation system includes a bipolar radiofrequency energy generator designed to precisely control depth and uniformity of tissue ablation in the GI tract.

The Barrx™ flex RFA energy generator provides the flexibility to choose the Barrx™ 360 express RFA balloon catheter for larger circumferential treatment areas or a Barrx™ RFA focal catheter for treatment of smaller focal areas.

  • Transition between circumferential and spot treatment cases
  • Rapid delivery of ablative energy to minimize procedure time
  • Ready to deliver next dose in < 2 seconds with Barrx™ 90 RFA focal catheters
  • Automatically recommends ablation catheter diameter
  • Tracks and displays total number of ablations
  • Automatically adjusts default power density settings to match catheter
  • Platform for future clinical and product innovation*

The Barrx™ Ablation System Product Catalog

Advanced Ablation Technology for Treating Bleeding and Non-bleeding Sites of the Gastrointestinal Tract. 

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  • *Does not apply to the Barrx™ 360 express RFA balloon catheter