Medtronic Minimally Invasive Therapies

Covidien Products

Ablation Systems

Emprint™ Ablation System with Thermosphere™ Technology

Emprint™ Ablation System Antennas and Accessories

Cool-tip™ RF Ablation System E Series

Cool-tip™ RF Ablation System E Series Electrodes & Accessories

Capnography Monitoring

Capnostream™ 35 Portable Respiratory Monitor

Capnostream™ 20p Portable Bedside Monitor with Apnea-Sat Alert Algorithm

Microstream Capnography Sampling Lines

Capsule Endoscopy

PillCam™ Crohn’s System

PillCam™ SB 3 System

PillCam™ COLON 2 System

Cerebral/Somatic Oximetry

INVOS™ 5100C Cerebral/Somatic Oximeter

INVOS™ 7100 Patient Monitoring System

INVOS™ Adult rSO₂ Sensors

OxyAlert™ NIRSensors Cerebral/Somatic Infant-Neonatal Sensors

Electrosurgical Hardware

Valleylab™ FT10 Energy Platform

Electrosurgical Generators & Monitors

Electrosurgical Instruments

Electrosurgical Electrodes

Patient Return Electrodes

Endoscopic Ultrasound

SharkCore™ FNB Exchange System

Beacon™ BNX Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) System

Beacon™ Fine Needle Fiducial (FNF) System

Gastrointestinal Radiofrequency Ablation Systems

Barrx™ 360 Express RFA Balloon Catheter

Barrx™ Flex RFA Energy Generator

Barrx™ Channel RFA Endoscopic Catheter

Barrx™ RFA Focal Catheters

Barrx™ 360 RFA Balloon Catheter

Barrx™ RFA Accessories

Hand Instruments & Ligation Devices

Endoscopic Suturing Devices

Endoscopic Suturing Accessories

Specimen Retrieval Products

Laparoscopic Ligation Devices

Hysteroscopy Systems

TruClear™ Hysteroscopic Tissue Removal System

TruClear™ Elite Hysteroscopes

TruClear™ Hysteroscope Sets

TruClear™ Tissue Shavers

HysteroLux™ Fluid Management System


Shiley™ Evac Endotracheal Tube with TaperGuard™ Cuff

McGRATH™ MAC Video Laryngoscope

Shiley™ Oral/Nasal RAE Tracheal Tubes with TaperGuard™ Cuff

Shiley™ Cuffed Basic Tracheal Tubes

Shiley™ Endobronchial Tube

TaperGuard Endotracheal Tube with Stylet

Shiley™ Esophageal Tracheal Airway, Double Lumen

Shiley™ Laser Oral Tracheal Tubes

Microlaryngeal Tracheal Tube

Shiley™ Nasopharyngeal Airway

Shiley™ Oral/Nasal Tracheal Tube, Cuffless, Non-DEHP, Murphy Eye

Shiley™ Oral/Nasal Tracheal Tube, Cuffed, Reinforced

Shiley™ Intubating Stylet

Nellcor™ Adult/Pediatric Colorimetric CO₂ Detector

Mechanical Ventilation

Puritan Bennett™ 980 Ventilator Series

Puritan Bennett™ 840 Ventilator

Puritan Bennett™ 560 Ventilator

Newport™ e360 Ventilator

Newport™ HT70 Ventilator Plus

Puritan Bennett™ Ventilator Software

Ventilator Filters

Puritan Bennett™ 840 Ventilator Accessories

Motility Testing

Endoflip™ System for Impedance Planimetry

ManoScan™ High Resolution Esophageal Manometry System

ManoScan™ High Resolution Anorectal Manometry System

SmartPill™ Motility Testing System

Pulse Oximetry

Nellcor™ Portable SpO₂ Patient Monitoring System, PM10N

Nellcor™ Bedside SpO₂ Patient Monitoring System, PM100N

Nellcor™ Bedside SpO₂ Patient Monitoring System

Nellcor™ Forehead SpO₂ Sensor with OxiMax™ Technology

Nellcor™ Flexible SpO₂ Sensor, Reusable

Nellcor™ SpO₂ Adhesive Sensors

Nellcor™ SpO₂ Nonadhesive Sensors

Nellcor™ Reusable SpO₂ Sensors with OxiMax™ Technology

Gastrointestinal Reflux Testing Products

Bravo™ Reflux Testing System

Digitrapper™ pH-Z Testing System

Smoke Evacuation Systems

Valleylab™ Smoke Evacuation Pencil Portfolio

RapidVac™ Smoke Evacuator System & Accessories

AccuVac™ Smoke Evacuation Attachments

Smoke Evacuation Carts & Accessories

Surgical Stapling

Signia™ Stapling System

Endo GIA™ Reinforced Reload with Tri-Staple™ Technology

Laparoscopic Staplers

Open Staplers

Circular Staplers


Shiley™ Flexible Adult Tracheostomy Tubes

Shiley™ Adult Flexible Evac Tracheostomy Tubes with Taperguard™ Cuff Technology

Shiley™ Neonatal and Pediatric Tracheostomy Tubes

Shiley™ Tracheostomy Tubes with Disposable Inner Cannula

Shiley™ XLT Extended-Length Tracheostomy Tubes with Disposable Inner Cannula

Shiley™ Adult Tracheostomy Tubes, Cuffed Single Cannula

Shiley™ Custom Tracheostomy Tube Service

Shiley™ Tracheostomy Tubes, Reusable Inner Cannula

Shiley™ Phonate Speaking Valves

Shiley™ Tracheostomy Tube Holder

Shiley™ Spare Inner Cannula

Shiley™ Disposable Inner Cannula

Trocars and Access Instruments

VersaOne™ Access System

Cannula/Dilators and Bladeless Trocars

SurgiSleeve™ Wound Protector

Laparoscopic Accessories

Ultrasonic Dissection Devices

Sonicision™ Cordless Ultrasonic Dissection Device

Sonicision™ Curved Jaw Cordless Ultrasonic Dissection System

Vessel Sealing

LigaSure™ Retractable L-hook Laparoscopic Instrument

LigaSure™ Blunt Tip Open and Laparoscopic Sealer/Divider

LigaSure™ Maryland Jaw Open and Laparoscopic Sealer/Divider

LigaSure™ Exact Dissector

LigaSure Impact™ Open Sealer/Divider

LigaSure™ Small Jaw Open Sealer/Divider

Wound Closure

Absorbable Sutures

Barbed Sutures – V-Loc™ Wound Closure Device