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Same trusted brand. Advanced access design.

Shiley™ tracheostomy tubes have a proven 40-year history with over 760 million products used around the world.

The Shiley™ adult flexible evac tracheostomy tube with TaperGuard™ cuff technology offers clinician-inspired enhancements to the Shiley™ flexible adult tracheostomy portfolio, and features:

  • The addition of an evac lumen to enable removal of secretions from the subglottic space
  • The patented taper-shaped TaperGuard™ cuff
  • A translucent outer cannula with beveled tip

Shiley™ flexible evac tracheostomy tubes were designed with a slightly larger outer diameter, compared to standard Shiley™ flexible tracheostomy tubes, to support the evac lumen for secretion removal.

The Shiley™ Adult Flexible Evac Tracheostomy Tube with TaperGuard™ Cuff is intended to provide tracheal access for airway management and subglottic secretion management in adult patients. It is also intended for use with percutaneous dilatational tracheotomy (PDT) procedures.