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VersaOne™ Optical Trocar

Product Details

Interlocking snap feature to secure obturator during insertion.

VersaOne™ Bladed Trocar

Product Details

The advantages of the bladed trocar include a:

  • Safety lock to inform user when blade is exposed
  • Parabolic shield designed to retract over the blade once in the peritoneal cavity
  • Bladed design that is sharpened on both sides to divide tissue cleanly and precisely with control upon insertion through the abdominal wall

VersaOne™ Blunt Trocar

Product Details

The advantages of the blunt trocar include:

  • Low profile hub to accommodate a variety of users
  • Finger grip for easy repositioning of the threaded anchor on the shaft of the cannula
  • Two suturing wings to secure suture tie down
  • Threaded anchor to ensure trocar placement

VersaOne™ Bladeless Trocar

Product Details

The advantages of the bladeless trocar include:

  • Unique “dolphin nose” tip
  • Advanced fixation ribs
  • Ergonomic design

VersaOne™ Universal Cannula

Product Details

Our VersaOne™ trocar platform features a universal cannula designed to fit with all obturators, giving surgeons flexibility based on the patient and procedure. The design includes:

  • Seal converter release button for easy specimen removal and introduce needles
  • Increased inner diameter to accommodate standard 12 mm laparoscopic instruments
  • Beveled cannula edge
  • Low profile seal housing for maneuverability in tight spaces
  • Low profile two-way stopcock for controlled insufflation and desufflation

VersaOne™ Fascial Closure System

Product Details

The VersaOne™ fascial closure system is a unique solution that serves as a trocar and a fascial closure device.


Outstanding visualization. Secure placement.

Introducing the VersaOne™ access system, a universal trocar platform that gives you the performance, choice, and peace of mind in one complete solution. A clear sleeve compatible with all VersaOne™ access system trocars, provides visualization for an informed entry. Our product families meet all your needs, with a complete range of trocars including a bladeless, blunt, optical, and bladed trocar.