Covidien has decades of experience in respiratory care, from ventilation and airway management to patient monitoring. Trusted technologies from Covidien enable clinicians to take a comprehensive approach to monitoring and supporting a patient's respiratory health.

The Covidien Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions (R&MS) PACE Oxygenation Platform provides continuing education for clinical care competency, “point of use” caregiver education and a reference available 24/7, information on best industry practices, and an interactive education.

This module introduces the Covidien clinical education program on oxygenation, which includes a series of educational modules. After completing these courses, participants will understand basic concepts of human oxygenation, including ventilation, circulation, metabolism, and oxygen delivery to tissues, as well as pulmonary physiology at it relates to oxygenation. Participants will also be able to describe normal oxygen transport and consumption and the effect of imbalances in oxygen delivery and consumption on patients, and current oxygenation monitoring and delivery technology used for hospitalized patients.