The purpose of our Telementoring Program is to provide an interactive forum via telephone for medical professionals to discuss and exchange information about the clinical practice utility of Medtronic technologies. This program is similar to our field educational requests in that the customer can request a telementor to discuss the clinical utility of a particular Medtronic product. This program offers an opportunity for clinicians to ask questions of one of our clinical educators about current (on label) clinical evidence and applicability of our technologies (INVOS™ cerebral/somatic oximeter system for the PICU or NICU and BIS™ brain monitoring system). The expectation is that the clinical educator will field phone calls that are 30 to 60 minutes in duration.

Professional Education Faculty: Our consultant physicians and allied health clinicians come from various backgrounds, and are all leaders in their field and experts in the safe and effective use of Medtronic technologies. These physicians and healthcare experts are highly qualified clinical educators, and many have participated in research projects, spoken at congresses, taught at institutions and workshops.

Business Conduct: Medtronic is committed to ensuring our interactions with healthcare professionals are conducted with integrity and are in compliance with the AdvaMed Code of Ethics on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals and the Medtronic Comprehensive Compliance Program.