The Big Truth

Forget what you think you know about obesity

There are many preconceptions and myths surrounding obesity. It is estimated that more than 1 billion people around the world will be living with obesity by 2030.1 The solution to this global healthcare crisis lies within the science; but how do we uncover it?

In this educational series, Dr. Andrew Jenkinson and Dr. Georgios Dimitriadis explore the new and emerging science of obesity, disassemble the set beliefs and stigma surrounding it, and pose the question: has medicine and society been looking for the causes of obesity in the wrong places?

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"It’s not the calories in the food. It’s what the food does to the body.”

Dr. Andrew Jenkinson

Meet our experts

Dr. Andrew Jenkinson

Consultant in Bariatric & General Surgery
University College London Hospital

Dr. Georgios Dimitriadis

Consultant in Endocrinology and Obesity Medicine
King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


Episode 1

Metabology and Myth Busting

This episode looks in detail at the mechanisms and causes of obesity. Andrew and George discuss the role of basal metabolism in weight regulation, the Weight-Set Point Theory and the impact that the Western diet and ultra-processed foods (UPF) have on satiety regulation through leptin and insulin resistance.

Episode 2

The Perfect Storm

Andrew and George delve into more detail on the Weight-Set Point Theory and explore how we’re bound by biology. Our body weight is, in part, determined by our genetics and modified by epigenetics, environmental factors, and food quality. They discuss how the potential detrimental impact of low-calorie dieting, even in healthy individuals, can ultimately lead to health deficit.

Episode 3

The New Science

In the final episode, Andrew and George ask: Is leptin resistance with an omega-3 deficiency caused by Western diet the biggest driver of obesity? What part does inflammation play and why is this important? What can the new science of epigenetics tell us?

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