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Bariatric Customized Support can give you an edge 

Great surgeons and great surgical products go together.

But Medtronic offers more than the surgical products for obesity care. With experience drawn from clinics around the world, we can help you earn measurable results in 3 key areas. Get a feel for your opportunities with our Bariatric Customized Support here.

Together we can...

Help more patients

Even the best clinics’ schedules aren’t full if not enough people are aware of them. Get help targeting and communicating with the right patients for your practice.

Work smarter

Whether you call it being leaner, optimising your operations or boosting efficiency, it’s all about working smarter. We can help.

Get better outcomes

From new techniques to technologies to training, you’ll get access to a range of ways to improve health outcomes. And make it easier for you to stay on top of your field.

Help patients 
Get Ready® for surgery

Want to offer your patients an experience that sets your clinic apart from the competition? Get Ready® is a digital remote patient management solution that aims to optimise the entire bariatric care pathway, from patient preparation to post-intervention follow-up.

Get Ready® helps you create a closer connection to your bariatric patients and empowers them to manage their own health. By integrating all relevant communications in a single, user-friendly platform, it enables remote patient preparation and monitoring, and provides education and advice.

With Get Ready® you can care more closely – from a distance.

Free tips to improve your bariatric website 

Are you getting as many leads from your website as you could? Does it attract and engage visitors and provide the information they’re looking for? Check out these 10 tips. They’re just a tiny taste of the expertise that awaits you. 

(And if your website is already wonderful, you’ll find we offer plenty more practical advice on other topics, too.) 

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Services that meet your needs

You’ll find a wide range of services, each tailored to meet your specific challenges. They include patient-focused activities, services designed to support clinicians, proven ways to streamline clinic and hospital procedures, and more.

Here’s how it works

Starting with interviews to gain an in-depth understanding of your clinic, we’ll follow a 4-step process together. Every step is designed to match your concrete situation, goals and resources. It’s an approach that has produced successful results for clinics around the world.

What your peers say

“We can no longer hide behind question marks: this report is crystal clear.“ 

― Department manager

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