Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality: Pain-reducing experience for Office Hysteroscopy

What patients say

Virtual Reality: A new therapeutic proposal

Virtual Reality is a solution adapted to the patient's psychological and physical comfort as well as to the innovation needs of healthcare systems.

Strongly inspired by the proven techniques of medical hypnosis (hypnosedation and hypnoanalgesia), but also music therapy, chromatherapy, light therapy etc. the Virtual Reality solution is a real therapeutic complement to reduce patient discomfort before, during and after surgery.1,2

Equipped with a Virtual Reality device, the patient benefits from immersive sedation-analgesia content which:

  • Leads to the reduction of anxiety.1
  • Reduces pain-related brain activity, resulting in a decrease of subjective pain report.1,2

No matter if you are already performing in-office procedures or you would like to start with it, the Virtual Reality system will help you to reduce patient anxiety and discomfort.1,2

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