Incidence of Postoperative Delirium by Cardiovascular Surgical Procedure

Study Procedure Incidence of Delirium Elderly? N
Benoit 20051 AAA 33%   102
Sugimoto 20152 AAA 11.50%   397
Gottesman 20103 CABG 6%   5034
Loponen 20084 CABG 6.00%   302
Martin 20105 CABG 6.80%   14301
Martin 20126 CABG 5.80%   8474
Miyazaki 20117 CABG 16.40%   685
Tse 20158 CABG 25%   396
Zhang 20159 CABG 30.52%   249
Chang 200810 Cardiac Surgery 41.70%   288
Koster 201211 Cardiac Surgery 15.20%   267
Kryzch 201412 Cardiac Surgery 4.10%   8792
Mangusan 201513 Cardiac Surgery 24.50%   656
Smulter 20131 Cardiac Surgery 54.90%   142
Tse 20159 Cardiac Surgery 28%   679
Abawi 201614 TAVR 13.40%   268
Eide 201515 TAVR 44% Yes 65
Huded 201616 TAVR 21%   294
Maniar 201617 TAVR 29%   168
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