Data privacy FAQ

Use of Zenus Inc. smart cameras at Medtronic events

Smile, you’re on camera

In addition to the normal photos and videos taken during an event, Medtronic is trialing a new use for video that in the future will provide you with a more valuable booth experience, and we're doing so in the most respectful way possible. In short, no personal data will be processed. No attempt will be made to match video images and your identity. Please check the FAQs below for more info.

What is being recorded and why?

Recording for these purposes is limited to the convention center spaces. The insights collected from this video will be translated into sentiment analysis and traffic flow patterns that will inform future decisions aimed at improving booth experience. For example, showcasing topics that sentiment analysis indicates as most popular and providing valuable insight to Medtronic about what visitors want or don’t want to see.

Is audio being recorded?

No, audio will not be recorded.

Is my identity at risk?

No, any personal data that is captured by the cameras is being deleted in near real time as the images are converted into valuable numerical insights and anonymized. The video is not recorded or transmitted like with traditional cameras. No personal data will be stored.

Will you know it’s me on the recordings?

No, individual identification is not possible from the numerical insights we collect and no attempt will be made to map an image recorded by the cameras with an attendee profile.

Will my data be sold or shared?

No, the data collected at the Medtronic booth will not be sold, shared, or otherwise commercialized in any way other than to derive insights for our better use of this technology as described above. The insights generated by this non-personal data is being used exclusively by Medtronic for improved event design and delivery in the future. 

How is my image being anonymized?

The video is not recorded or transmitted like with traditional cameras. Instead, the visual representation of the physical environment is fed into an AI model that converts it into non-identifying analytics. The information is aggregated at the data collection site to ensure maximum privacy protection.

I have more questions, who can I speak with?

We understand how important the right to privacy is. If you have any unanswered questions please contact Medtronic’s Data Privacy team at: