The Emprint™ ablation system enables a minimally invasive procedure with few side effects1, fast recovery time2,3 high accuracy4, and predictable margins.5

With the Emprint™ HP ablation system, you get consistent, predictable ablation zones - helping to eradicate a non-resectable liver tumour but preserve healthy liver tissue.5,6,7

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Order Information
Order Code Description Length Unit of measure Quantity
CARTHP Emprint™ Ablation Cart   Box  
CAGENHP Emprint™ Ablation Generator with Thermosphere™ Technology    Box 1
CA15L2 Emprint™ Short Percutaneous Antenna with Thermosphere™ Technology Large Spherical Ablation Zone 15 cm Box 1
CA20L2 Emprint™ Standard Percutaneous Antenna with Thermosphere™ Technology Large Spherical Ablation Zone 20 cm Box 1
CA30L2 Emprint™ Long Percutaneous Antenna with Thermosphere™ Technology Large Spherical Ablation Zone 30 cm Box 1
CAPUMP1 Emprint™ Ablation Pump   Box 1
CA190RC1 Emprint™ Ablation Reusable Cable 190 cm Box 1

Emprint™ Footswitch   Each 1
RTP20 Cool-tip™ RF Ablation Remote Temperature Probe E Series 20 cm Each 1

Order Information

Greater coverage. Fewer antennas. Less collateral damage.

Leading solutions for thermal ablation

For more than 40 years, Medtronic has been the world leader in designing and manufacturing advanced energy-based medical systems and accessories, such as Cool-tip™ E-Series radiofrequency ablation systems and the new Emprint™ ablation system with Thermosphere™ technology.

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This course will provide basic concepts of Emprint™ Thermosphere technology microwave ablation and the safe use of devices. By completing this course you will learn best practices with Emprint™ antenna, patient selection for MWA and get tips and tricks when performing the procedure.

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