Ablating liver tumors with confidence

When other treatments like resection, embolization and chemotherapy are not an option for your patient or you are looking for combined treatments, ablation provides a minimally invasive solution. The problem is — given the limitations of most ablation technologies — many clinicians do not have confidence that they’ve ablated the entire targeted lesion. And failure to fully ablate could increase the chances of recurrence.

So we partnered with clinicians to develop a truly predictable ablation technology. 

It’s called Thermosphere™ technology, and it provides clinicians with three kinds of spatial energy control — thermal, field and wavelength. This maintains a predictable, spherical ablation zone throughout a procedure, and brings new confidence to the ablation of liver tumors. 

Emprint™ ablation system can be used for ablation in other soft tissue within the body. 

Get more info about the percutaneous antennas that support Emprint™ ablation system procedures.

Setup your procedure for powerful predictability

Refer to system setup reference guide on how to setup the Emprint™ Ablation System with Thermosphere™ technology.

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Order Information
Order Code Description Length Unit of Measure Quantity
CART1 Emprint™ Ablation Cart   Box 1
CAGEN1 Emprint™ Ablation Generator with Thermosphere™ Technology    Box 1
CA15L2 Emprint™ Short Percutaneous Antenna with Thermosphere™ Technology Large Spherical Ablation Zone 15 cm Box 1
CA20L2 Emprint™ Standard Percutaneous Antenna with Thermosphere™ Technology Large Spherical Ablation Zone 20 cm Box 1
CA30L2 Emprint™ Long Percutaneous Antenna with Thermosphere™ Technology Large Spherical Ablation Zone 30 cm Box 1
CAPUMP1 Emprint™ Ablation Pump   Box 1
CA190RC1 Emprint™ Ablation Reusable Cable 190 cm Box 1
RFASW Emprint™ Footswitch   Each 1
RTP20 Cool-tip™ RF Ablation Remote Temperature Probe E Series 20 cm Each 1

Emprint™ Ablation System Thermal Profiles

All thermal ablation devices affect tissue by means of two distinct heating zones – called the active and passive zones. Controlling the active heating zone and minimizing reliance on the passive zone to grow ablation volume increases predictability.

How it Works

Predictability challenges are overcome by controlling active heating

The Emprint™ ablation system powered by Thermosphere™ technology offers three kinds of spatial energy control — thermal, field and wavelength — to maintain predictable, spherical ablation zones throughout your procedures, so you can plan and place with confidence, and achieve truly predictable outcomes with a single probe.
  • Field Control shapes electromagnetic fields by controlling electrical currents on the radiator.
  • Thermal Control prevents unintended heating of tissue by hot microwave cables within the antenna shaft. This improves reliability and is important for Wavelength Control.
  • Wavelength Control makes Thermosphere™ technology different. Other technologies in the market may have field and/or thermal control but wavelength is the differentiator that maintains a spherical shape throughout the ablation. Wavelength Control minimizes the elongation of the wavelength on the radiator to maintain effective field control.


Ablation you can count on

Predictability. Now, it's possible.

With Thermosphere™ technology the Emprint™ ablation system creates predictable ablation zones across a wide range of tissue types.([FOOTNOTE=Based on internal porcine testing “In vivo Performance Testing of the Emprint™ Microwave Ablation System in a Porcine Model,” conducted during November 2013; R0043973.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])

This increases confidence for achieving planned results with precision and consistency on every procedure. Additionally, the ability to create both small and large spherical ablation zones with a single antenna may reduce procedure times and costs.([FOOTNOTE=Emprint™ device IFU: Percutaneous Antenna with Thermosphere™ Technology; 1058196.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])

Reinforced Antenna

Design Changes

Since the launch of the Emprint™ Ablation System in 2014, physicians have experienced the predictability in size and shape that Thermosphere™ technology has provided.

The antenna designed for use with the Emprint™ ablation system with Thermosphere™ Technology is now equipped with a reinforced shaft and sharper trocar tip.

Clinical Evidence

Simple planning. Predictable outcomes.

Predictability. It’s the number one concern during ablation procedures. Until now.