Picture the power of the cloud

PillCam™ cloud reader software
Access studies you need, when you want them1

Designed with you in mind

A purpose-built solution for physicians looking for flexible reading options, allowing you to read your studies from your PillCam™ SB 3 and COLON 2 system anywhere, anytime.1

A simple interface that continuously synchronizes procedure data between the cloud and local archive for remote study reading and report creation.2,3 Access key information wherever is most convenient to you, removing the need to be at a workstation.

How it works1

  1. A patient study is downloaded from the Data Recorder to the PillCam™ SW v9 workstation and is stored on a designated local computer drive or network drive.
  2. The study is uploaded to the cloud by the PillCam™ Synchronization Agent.
  3. Authorized users can access the study using the Cloud Reader HCP Application (a web-based application), review the study, and create a report.
  4. The synchronization agent continuously synchronizes studies, findings, and reports between the Cloud and the local drive.
  5. Studies, finding, and reports generated are available for review both on the local PillCam™ SW v9 and the Cloud Reader HCP application.

The secure platform solution1


  • Allows clinicians to read PillCam™ SB 3 and COLON 2 system studies from anywhere, anytime​1
  • Works with PC or Mac computers that meet minimum requirements​1
  • Doesn’t require host-facility network or VPN access1


  • Requires minimal changes to existing workflows3
  • Provides near real-time updates between the cloud and desktop software​1
  • Basic cloud administration is performed by a locally designated administrator2


  • PillCam™ cloud reader follows global security and privacy guidance and requirements​
  • Only authenticated, registered users can login and can only access data from their allowed site​2
  • PillCam™ cloud reader has undergone rigorous third-party penetration testing4

Committed to continuous innovation

PillCam™ cloud reader software is compatible with the PillCam™ SB 3 and COLON 2 capsule endoscopy system

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