“They deliver a smoother theatre set-up, helping us achieve our start-up and end times.”

Mr. Eoghan Condon, Consultant at University Hospital Limerick

Medtronic Procedural Kits supports Colorectal Surgeons become more efficient in managing daily duties while improving quality of patient care by freeing–up time and creating cost-efficiencies in the OR.

This facilitates the delivery of quality patient care for your colorectal patients, helping the reduction of the variance in clinical practice, with is associated with better clinical outcomes.

Benefits of Procedural Kits in Colorectal Surgery

MEDTRONIC portfolio of products will outfit your OR with some of the most trusted equipment on the market – giving you the support and peace of mind you need to provide top quality care for your colorectal patients.  

These products come packaged in a Procedure Box, that guarantees the right productsfor the right colorectal surgery at the right time.

With Procedural kits we offer you a solution that reduces:

  • Preparation time of materials
  • Surgery set-up errors
  • Variance of clinical practice
  • SIMPLIFY Instruments handling

Delivering Patient Care

For colorectal patients, we know that early detection often allows for more treatment options. One such option is a minimally invasive surgical approach that can improve patient outcomes and reduce costs, and we offer an extensive portfolio to help you improving your patient’s outcomes.

Compared to open colon and rectal surgery, minimally invasive surgery has many benefits, including:

  • Shorter hospital stay1-14
  • Faster return to normal activities15-16
  • Smaller scars15,17,† 
  • Less risk of infection18-20 
  • Less pain1,21
Colorectal Sample Box
Order Code Description Quantity
21-345 Clearify™ Visualization System
EGIA60AMT Endo GIA™ 60 Artic Med Thick 3
EGIAUSTND Endo GIA™ Ultra Univ Std Stapler
LF1837 LigaSure™ Blunt Tip Open
172015 Surgineedle™ Std Insufflation Needle 1
VersaOne™ Optical Trocar with Standard Length Fixation Cannula 5 mm 1
VersaOne™ Optical Trocar with Standard Length Fixation Cannula 12 mm
UNVCA12STF VersaOne™ Universal Fixation Cannula 12 mm 1
UNVCA5STF VersaOne™ Universal Fixation Cannula 5 mm
WPSM256 Surgisleeve™ Wound Protector Small Incision Size 2.5 - 6 cm 1

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Find Out What The Experts Say


“The new procedure box for my laparoscopic lists is delivering the solution I was looking for,” Mr. Eoghan Condon, Consultant at University Hospital Limerick.

“They deliver a smoother theatre set-up, helping us achieve our start-up and end times.”

As a result, University Hospital Limerick reduced its surgery set-up time by 63% and its product selection error rate by 16%.22

This is likely to have a knock-on benefit for infection control, as staff never have to leave the operating room to collect missing products.22

Procedure boxes have helped these hospitals reduce their inventory and improve efficiency, enabling their staff to spend more time caring for patients.

“Kits support our efforts towards surgery standardisation, which is key to running an efficient and patient-centred service,” Dr Roberto Tacchino, Head of the Bariatric Department at Clinical Institute Beato Matteo.22

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