Designed to optimize tissue yield1

The Beacon™ FNA needle features four cutting edges that help improve tissue yield for cytology.([FOOTNOTE=Based on product development testing data. Data on file. (See Report #1085 and Report #1090).],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=]) The 19-gauge needle is highly flexible with Nitinol construction to facilitate easy passage, even in tortuous positions.


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Order Information
Order Code Product Description Unit of Measure Quantity
DSN-19-01 Beacon™ EUS Delivery System with FNA Needle, 19-Gauge Nitinol Each 1
DSN-22-01 Beacon™ EUS Delivery System with FNA Needle, 22-Gauge  Each 1
DSN-25-01 Beacon™ EUS Delivery System with FNA Needle, 25-Gauge  Each 1
N-19-05 Beacon™ FNA Needle, 19-Gauge Nitinol Box 5
N-22-05 Beacon™ FNA Needle, 22-Gauge Stainless Steel Box 5
N-25-05 Beacon™ FNA Needle, 25-Gauge Stainless Steel Box 5

Order Information

Understanding Endoscopic Ultrasound-Guided Fine Needle Aspiration and Biopsy (EUS-FNA/FNB)

This program aims to provide an overview of the use of EUS-FNA and FNB in the esophagus as it relates to anatomy, disease state, and patient considerations and is accredited by Educational Dimensions for 1 contact hour CNE credit.