Clip strength and security in surgical procedures

With the Lapro-Clip™ system — a reusable single clip applier that delivers absorbable clips in surgical procedures — surgeons can feel confident in the strength and security of each placement.([FOOTNOTE=Klein, R.D. et al. (1994). “Comparison of Titanium and Absorbable Polymeric Surgical Clips for Use in Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy.” Surgical Endoscopy. 8: 753-758.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=]),([FOOTNOTE=Darzi, A. Initial Experience with an Absorbable Laparoscopic Ligation Clip. British Journal of Surgery. 1997. 84: 974-976.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=]),†,‡


  • Two-part compression closure mechanism includes notching which may provide greater holding1,†


  • Compression closure mechanism may provide a more secure closure than latch closure mechanism([FOOTNOTE=R2171-007-0 Lapro-clip Long Claims Testing T0 and Interim, June 15th, 2015.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])


The Lapro-Clip™ device is a reusable clip applier that delivers absorbable clips in surgical procedures to occlude vessels and ducts.

Intuitive and easy-to-use design

  • With 360o rotation, all angles are reachable

Dual-layer clip lock

  • In an animal study, absorbable clips provided greater holding strength compared to titanium clips1,†

Unique two-part compression

  • Two part compression closure mechanism includes notches which may provide greater holding strength1,†

Absorbable clips

  • Absorbable ligating clips are there when you need them most during the critical vessel healing phase, and fully degrade via hydrolysis in 180 days
  • Leaves no foreign body in the patient
Order Information
Order Code Description Clips per Sterile Pack Sterile Packs per Box
8886848798 Lapro-Clip™ Reusable Single Clip Applier – Short - 1
8886848700 Lapro-Clip™ Reusable Single Clip Applier – Standard - 1
8886848701 Lapro-Clip™ Reusable Single Clip Applier – Long - 1
8886848799 Lapro-Clip™ Remover - 1
8886848808 Lapro-Clip™ 8 mm Absorbable Clips 6 6
8886848882 Lapro-Clip™ 8 mm Absorbable Clips 2 10
8886848812 Lapro-Clip™ 12 mm Absorbable Clips 6 6
8886848813 Lapro-Clip™ 12 mm Absorbable Clips 2 10
8886848814 Lapro-Clip™ 8 mm Absorbable Clips 1 10
8886848815 Lapro-Clip™ 12 mm Absorbable Clips 1 10

Order Information



Medtronic provides the following review of a publication comparing the use of absorbable ligation clip to metal and absorbable latch-closure clips in laparoscopic surgery.

Advantages of using Lapro-Clip™ absorbable clips:

  • Maintain 80% strength up to 7 days, 11% by 21 days2,†
  • Absorbable clips retention force provides greater holding strength than titanium clips2,†
  • The Lapro-Clip™ ligating clips are MRI safe([FOOTNOTE=Gill A, Shellock FG. Assessment of MRI issues at 3-Tesla for metallic surgical implants: findings applied to 61 additional skin closure staples and vessel ligation clips. Journal Of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance: Official Journal Of The Society For Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance. 2012;14:3],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])

Delivers satisfaction

In a clinical trial including 233 patients who underwent laparoscopic cholecystectomy using Lapro-Clip™ ligating clips:1,*

  • Over 99% of patients had satisfactory results 1 month post operation
  • Surgeons highly rated the loading mechanism, security and clip closure

Available in a variety of clip packages to provide procedural flexibility.