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Providing comfort, consistency and choice

Our range of ligation devices include several open clip appliers to suit your specific surgical needs. Our range of Premium SurgiClip™ appliers consists of:

  • Premium Surgiclip™ clip applier  
  • Premium Surgiclip™ II clip applier 
  • Premium Surgiclip™ III clip applier 

Use the Premium Surgiclip™ clip appliers for comfort, consistency and choice when you need it.   

Please refer to the package insert for complete instructions, contraindications, warnings and precautions.

  • 1. Internal report OCS-118. PSC vs PSCIII vs Ethicon MCS20 Ligaclip Lab Questionnaire Results. January 2015.

  • 2. Internal report OCS-120. Analysis of 510(k) & DQA testing to support claims. December 2014.

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