The confidence to know bleeding will stop

Giving you and your patients secure peace of mind.

With Veriset™ hemostatic patch, have confidence that bleeding will stop

After more than 6 years of dedicated scientific research and development, Medtronic launched the Veriset™ patch. It is designed to help you achieve hemostasis quickly and consistently, in ~1 minute.1,2,3,†

Unique mode of action

The Veriset™ hemostatic patch is placed over the injury, gentle pressure is applied for 30 seconds.1,2,4

Bleeding has stopped at approximately 1 min.1,2,3,†

How it works

Fast & Reliable

The Veriset™ hemostatic patch works in two ways:

  • Denaturation of red blood cells, resulting in a lower pH and platelets, which are essential for hemostasis, becoming 'trapped' in the oxidised regenerated cellulose, both these events result in the expedition of the bodies own natural coagulation cascade.5
  • And secondly once the patch is activated, via the combination of Trilysine and Polyethylene Glycol, a PEG Hydrogel is formed. This Hydrogel has two effects: firstly to adhere the patch to the tissue and secondly creates a barrier which acts to seal the injured tissue.1,6

Both parts together help to ensure high efficacy hemostasis can be achieved. 

Easy to use

  • Ready to use in both open and laparoscopic procedures with no preparation time4,7
  • Store Veriset™ Hemostatic Patch at room temperature <25°C8,9
  • Designed to easily pass through a trocar7
  • Not contraindicated in a contaminated or infected environment9

Fast and reliable

  • 78% of liver surgery patients achieve hemostasis in ≤1 minute1,10,†
  • Hold for only 30 seconds1,2,4
  • Single application sufficient to stop most bleeds1,2

Increased Patient Safety

  • Maintains efficacy post-surgery - no re-operative device related bleeding reported after 5 days1,2
  • Patch is fully absorbed in approximately 28 days10
  • Offers bactericidal properties9


  • Effective in cases of inhibited coagualation, independent of clotting ability11,12
  • Achieve hemostasis quickly and consistently - 66% faster than TachoSil™* fibrin patch1,10

Clinical evidence

Achieved hemostasis significantly faster than the control device1,10

The Veriset™ hemostatic patch is effective in promoting hemostatis and does not elicit any safety concerns.2

Regardless of bleeding severity or surface area, the Veriset™ hemostatic patch achieved hemostasis significantly faster than the control device in patients undergoing hepatic resection. It was safe and easy to handle in open and laparoscopic hepatic surgery.1,7,10

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† Based on surgeon/customer validation. In several clinical investigations, the median times to hemostasis were within 1 minute. In one clinical investigation, the median time to hemostasis was within 1.5 minutes when used in cardiovascular application.

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