Patient Comfort, Surgeon Confidence, Peace of Mind

The AbsorbaTack™ fixation device, designed for patient comfort, surgeon confidence, and peace of mind, provides strong, temporary mesh fixation while leaving no foreign material in the body over time. It requires no sharp piloting needle to deploy, eliminating the risk of inadvertent needle sticks in the OR due to the fixation device.

The NEW AbsorbaTack™ (ABSTACK30X) fixation device for laparoscopic hernia repair continues to deploy tacks when the shaft is flexed over 3 cm. A short version (ABSTACK20S) is available for open hernia repair.


Designed with patient comfort in mind

  • Interim clinical study results showed a 54% reduction of pain from the preoperative baseline at 1 month follow up([FOOTNOTE=Rosen, M., et al. Post-Operative Pain After Lparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair: AbsorbaTack™ vs. ProTack™ Interim Results From a Prospective Randomized Study. 32nd International Congress of the European Hernia Society, October 7, 2010, Instanbul. Study sponsored by Covidien.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])
  • Leaves no foreign material behind over time
  • No metal required for fixation
  • Supports a minimally invasive approach through 5mm shaft and easy-to-use design

Fixation stregnth

  • Provides strong temporary mesh fixation, with retention strength comparable to the "gold standar" ProTack™ fixation device at 1 week and 2 months in an animal model([FOOTNOTE=Hollinsky, C., et al. Tensile strength and adhesion of mesh fixation systems used in laparoscopic incisional hernia repair. Surg Endosc. 2010 Jun; 24(6): 1318-24. Epub 2009 Dec 24. Data from a prospective study (Hollinsky et al, 2009) of 25 Sprague-Dawley rats with two 2 x 3 cm of Parietex™ meshes fixed intraperitoneally in a paramedian location. Randomized fixation groups included transfacial fixed suture, ProTack™ fixation device, AbsorbaTack™ fixation device, and I-Clip™. Based on an animal mode. Total attachment score was calculated by adding up points from the parameters of attachment extent, type, tenacity, and organ involvement. The authors note (With regard to the adhesions caused by the various fixation elements, we again draw attention to the fact that animal experiments have their natural limitations, and the results cannot be directly extrapolated to the human setting." (Hollinsky et al, 2009).],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])
  • Longer tack length than ProTack™ fixation device (4.1 mm vs. 3.8 mm), and wide 5.1 mm proximal wings that secure mesh firmly in place
  • Reliable tack deployment, with ratcheted mechanism providing tactile feedback when firing

Peace of mind

  • Reduced the likelihood of inadvertent needle sticks in the OR, since no sharp piloting needles are require for deployment
  • Potentially fewer visceral attachments than permanent tack fixation2
  • Violet tack with black-dot visualization feature to optimize visibility

Order Information

Order Information
Order Code Description Unit of Measure Quantity
ABSTACK30X 5 mm Single Use Abs Fix Device w/ 30 tacks Box 6
ABSTACK15 5 mm Single Use Abs Fix Device w/ 15 tacks Box 6
ABSTACK30 5 mm Single Use Abs Fix Device w/ 30 tacks Box 6
ABSTACK20S 5 mm Single Use Abs Fix Device w/ 20 tacks, Short Box 6
Method of Tack Delivery Spiral. 5 mm shaft and easy-to-use design. Controlled placement of tacks through point-and-shoot design.
Handle Ergonomic pistol-grip handle. Ratcheted mechanism provides tactile feedback during firing.
Shaft Length 36 cm (long shaft) 18 cm (short shaft)
Tack Material Absorbable polyester copolymer derived from lactic acid and glycolic acid poly (glycolide-co-Llactide) (PGLA). Dyed with D&C Violet No. 2.
Tack Design Screw-in tack requires no piloting sharps to place; smooth head with proximal wings sits flush against mesh.
Tack Dimensions 5.1 mm (total length) 4.1 mm (inserted length) 1.0 mm (profile) 5.1 mm (proximal wings provide surface area to hold mesh in place)
Tack Removal Tack can be unscrewed if necessary.