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Designed to address key issues in laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair, ProGrip™ laparoscopic self-fixating mesh delivers tack-free fixation over the entire anatomy2, including below the inguinal ligament where traditional tacks cannot be placed.

  • Increases the security of the laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair†,Ω,1,2,3
  • Eliminates the pain associated with traditional tack fixationΩ,4,5
  • Is easy to use and faster than tacks†,6,7
  • Lowers the cost of the laparoscopic inguinal procedure by combining the functionality of mesh and fixation into one device8,9


ProGrip™ laparoscopic self-fixating mesh offers the following competitive advantages:


  • More than 5,000 microgripsΣ eliminate the need for traditional tack fixation or glue‡,†,1,2a
  • Superior fixation strength compared to Bard 3DMax™* light textile with SorbaFix™* tacks or fibrin sealant†,3
  • Equivalent recurrence rate compared to laparoscopic repair with fixationΩ,†,4,5,8
  • Tack-free fixation over the entire anatomy, including below the inguinal ligament where tacks cannot be placed†,Ω,7

Less Pain

  • Eliminates the pain associated with traditional tack fixationΩ,4,5
  • Low post-operative pain and fast recovery in laparoscopic inguinal hernia repairΩ,4,5,6,8
  • 40% of the mesh weight resorbs reducing foreign material presence in patient over time†,9
  • Resorbable, atraumatic microgripsΣ preserve cord and nerve structures†,Ω,7

Easy to Use

  • Doesn’t stick to itself making it easy to handle and unfold laparoscopically†,7
  • Faster than tacks or glue8
  • Easy to orient with green medial marking

Lower cost 9

  • Combines the functionality of mesh and fixation into one device
  • Reduces the cost associated with traditional tack fixation and/or glues10
  • Less post-operative pain may result in lower cost of pain management therapyΩ,11

Order Information

Order Information
Order Code Product Description Unit of Measure Quantity
LPG1510 10x15 Box 1
LPG1510X2 10x15 Box 2
LPG1510AR Right Anatomical Box 1
LPG1510AL Left Anatomical Box 1
LPG1510AK2 Bilateral Anatomical Box 2
Textile Material Monofilament Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
Microgrip Material Monofilament Polylactic Acid (PLA)
Microgrips/cm2 36
Microgrip Absorption Time > 18 Months
Fast Resorbing Film Composition 70% Collagen, 30% Glycerol
Fast Resorbing Film Dissolution Time < 1 Day
Weight Before Absorption (g/m2) 82
Weight After Absorption (g/m2) 49 (lightweight)
Pore Size (mm) (height by width) 1.8 x 1.8 (macroporous)
Sterilization Method Ethylene Oxide
Shelf-Life 18 Months


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  • Ω ProGrip™ laparoscopic self-fixating mesh and ProGrip™ self-gripping mesh have equivalent gripping and mechanical properties.†,1

  • † Based on pre-clinical animal and/or benchtop studies.

  • Σ Measured in millimeter scale.

  • ‡ If the mesh is cut to size, additional fixation should be used based on surgeon’s discretion.

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