Smart Design. Smart Handling. Smart Repair.

Symbotex™ composite mesh is our latest mesh designed for laparoscopic and open ventral repair. Symbotex™ mesh brings improved ease of use as well as optimal repair performance for your patients, with excellent tissue integration and minimized visceral attachments.

Symbotex™ mesh is available in a large variety of shapes and sizes for laparoscopic hernia repair, with specific subranges dedicated to laparoscopic and open surgery.


Smart Design: Innovative mesh features for streamlined performance

  • Established bioabsorbable film technology with impressive resistance to surgical handling1,2
  • Comprehensive shape and size portfolio for small, medium, and large defects1,3

Smart Handling: Experience simplicity in hernia repair

  • Designed for easy mesh deployment1
  • Abdominal wall clinging effect for simplified mesh placement4,5,6

Smart Repair: Designed to offer patients optimal hernia repair performance

  • Good level of neoperitonization and better minimizing tissue attachment compared to Physiomesh™* flexible composite mesh and Ventralight™* ST mesh7,8
  • Helping to meet physiological needs through balanced mesh mechanical properties9

Order Information

Order Information
Order Code Description Unit of Measure Quantity
SYM9 Symbotex™ Composite Mesh/9 cm diameter Box 1
SYM12 Symbotex™ Composite Mesh/12 cm diameter Box 1
SYM15 Symbotex™ Composite Mesh/15 cm diameter Box 1
SYM1510 Symbotex™ Composite Mesh/15*10 cm Box 1
SYM2015 Symbotex™ Composite Mesh/20*15 cm Box 1
SYM2520 Symbotex™ Composite Mesh/15*20 cm Box 1
SYM3020 Symbotex™ Composite Mesh/30*20 cm Box 1
SYM3728 Symbotex™ Composite Mesh/37*28 cm Box 1
SYM4232 Symbotex™ Composite Mesh/42*32 cm Box 1
SYM2012E Symbotex™ Composite Mesh/20*12 cm Box 1
SYM1710E Symbotex™ Composite Mesh/17*10 cm Box 1
SYM2515E Symbotex™ Composite Mesh/25*15 cm Box 1
SYM3420E Symbotex™ Composite Mesh/34*20 cm Box 1
SYM4024E Symbotex™ Composite Mesh/40*24 cm Box 1
SYM8OS Symbotex™ Composite Mesh/8 cm diameter Box 1
SYM1510OS Symbotex™ Composite Mesh/15*10 cm Box 1
SYM2015OS Symbotex™ Composite Mesh/20*15 cm Box 1
SYM2520OS Symbotex™ Composite Mesh/25*20 cm Box 1
SYM3020OS Symbotex™ Composite Mesh/30*20 cm Box 1
Device Classification Symbotex™ composite mesh is intended for the reinforcement of soft tissue where a weakness exists such as the repair of the primary abdominal wall and incisional hernias.
Material Composition

Three-dimensional (3D) textile monofilament polyester (PET) (white textile)

Non-absorbable monofilament polyester (PET) (green textile)

A bioabsorbable collagen film

Pore Size 3.3 mm x 2.3 mm (textile)
Sterilization Method Gamma Radiation
Shelf Life 3 years
  • 1. Based on the results of the Covidien-sponsored preclinical study carried out on a porcine model to validate the design of Symbotex™ composite mesh - Covidien design validation report 0901CR249a (June 2013)

  • 2. Documented in the design verification report issued by Covidien in July 2013 - Covidien design verification report 0901CR247b (July 2013)

  • 3. Size & shape comparison chart

  • 4. Except in cases where transfacial sutures are used as well as meshes in open approach

  • 5. Demonstrated in a preclinical study sponsored by Covidien, carried out on pigs in May 2013 with 6 surgeons and aiming at validating the design of Symbotex™ composite mesh - Covidien internal report 0901CR252a (June 2013)

  • 6. Definition of the Symbotex™ clinging effect observed during the design validation conducted by Covidien in a porcine model in May 2013 - Covidien internal memorandum 0901CR261a (July 2013)

  • 7. Four weeks after implantation

  • 8. Evaluated in a preclinical study sponsored by Covidien, conducted in April 2013, and comparing local tissue effects and integration, collagen film degradation and tissue attachment performance of Symbotex™ composite mesh with Ventralight™* ST mesh and Physiomesh™* flexible composite mesh in a porcine model - Namsa report No.163905 (October 2013)

  • 9. Comparison of the physical and mechanical properties of Symbotex™ composite mesh to those of Parietex™ optimized composite mesh through a bench study conducted by Covidien in July 2013 - Covidien internal report TEX043 (July 2013)

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