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TruClear™ tissue shavers may help reduce the tissue removal struggle involved in your current procedures. Simultaneous tissue cutting and aspiration may reduce the procedure time and steps required, while the window-lock feature minimizes fluid deficit. One study showed that the mechanical resection method reduces average operating time by half.([FOOTNOTE=Emanuel MH, Wamsteker K. “The Intra Uterine Morcellator: A new hysteroscopic operating technique to remove intrauterine polyps and myomas”. J Minim Invasive Gyn. 2005 Jan-Feb; 12(1):62-6.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])


More options mean more control in every procedure

The TruClear™ system blends high-performance tissue removal devices and scopes with advanced fluid management for efficient and effective pathology removal. 

It is the only system designed for visual D&C, hysteroscopic adhesiolysis, and evacuation of retained products of conception in addition to fibroid and polyp removal.

All TruClear™ tissue shavers offer:

  • Simultaneous tissue cutting and aspiration to reduce procedure time
  • Proprietary suction control feature to minimize fluid loss