Protect Your Ventilator Investment for Up to One Year

The Puritan Bennett™ Re/X800 filter and drain system is a reusable filter designed for use with the Puritan Bennett™ 840 ventilator. It reduces particles and bacteria in a patient's exhaled gas, protecting the ventilator’s exhalation and spirometry systems.

Indications for Usage

  • To help protect caregivers and ventilator components from harmful effects of patient contamination.

Product Features

  • Comprehensive condensate drainage system includes filter, collector vial and optional drain bag
  • Optional drain bag allows for condensation removal without breaking ventilator circuit
  • Designed to withstand up to 100 autoclave sterilization cycles at temperatures not to exceed 135 °C, 275 °F
  • Filter replacement after one year of service or 100 autoclave cycles, whichever occurs first
  • Viral and bacterial filtration efficiency of greater than 99.999%
  • Resistance to flow less than 2.5 cmH2O at 100 L/min when new
  • Minimum of 99.97% filtration efficiency of 0.3 microns normal particle size at 100 L/min flow
  • Meets CDC requirement for n100 filtration

Order Information

How to Order

For additional information or to place an order, call Customer Service at +44 (0) 19 2320 2504.

Order Information
Order Code Description Unit of Measure Quantity
4-070305-00 Puritan Bennett™ Re/X800 Expiratory Bacterial Filter Box 1
4-074647-00 Puritan Bennett™ Collector Vial, Reusable Box 1
4-048491-00 Puritan Bennett™ Drain Bag, Single Patient Use Case 25
4-048492-00 Puritan Bennett™ Drain Bag Clamp, Reusable Case 5
4-048493-00 Puritan Bennett™ Drain Bag Tubing, Single Patient Use Case 10
4-074613-00 Puritan Bennett™ Drain Port Cap, Reusable Box 1
4-070311-00 Puritan Bennett™ Exhalation Filter Seal Box 1
Puritan Bennett™ Re/X800 Expiratory Bacterial Filter
Viral/bacterial filtration efficiency Greater than 99.999%
Particle filtration efficiency Minimum of 99.97% of 0.3-μm nominal particle size at 100 L/min flow
Inlet connector 22-mm ISO connector
Resistance to flow Less than 2.5 cmH2O at 100 L/min when new
Flow leakage Less than 0.01 L/min at 140 cmH2O internal pressure
Size 11.7 cm diameter x 12.7 cm long (4.6 in. diameter x 5 in. long)
Internal volume Approximately 400 mL
Puritan Bennett™ Collector Vial
Capacity Approximately 200 mL usable volume (to maximum fill line)
Puritan Bennett™ Drain Bag Tubing
Length 17.8 cm (7 in.)
Internal diameter 0.48 cm (3/16 in.)
Puritan Bennett™ Drain Bag
Capacity Approximately 1 L
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