Medtronic Respiratory & Monitoring Solutions (RMS) offers a comprehensive suite of tailored solutions, spanning education, (online) training, medical devices and Value Based Healthcare Programs.

For over a century we strive for zero adverse events and contribute to reduce healthcare costs providing well established brands like, Puritan Bennett™, Nellcor™, Shiley™ (formerly Mallinckrodt™) intubation and tracheostomy products, Microstream™, BIS™, INVOS™, Vital Sync™, and McGRATH™ MAC.

Be(come) our partner in improving patient outcomes by risk-assessing, preventing, detecting and treating Respiratory and Cerebral Compromise and various other conditions.

RMS Solutions Along Every Step of the Surgical Patient Journey

RMS Portfolio Patient Journey General Care Floor Pre-Operatory Peri-Operatory ICU
PuritanTM Bennett (Non) Invasive Mechanical Ventilation       X
Vital SyncTM EWS Continuous Remote Patient Monitoring – Early Warning Scores X     X
Vital SyncTM Weaning Readiness & Spontaneous Breathing Trial Monitoring       X
McGrathTM MAC Video Laryngoscopy for First-attempt Intubation   X   X
ShileyTM Subglottic Suction Endotracheal Tubes & Tracheostomy Tubes   X X X
NellcorTM Pulse Oximetry for SpO2 monitoring X X X X
MicrostreamTM Capnograpgy for etCO2 monitoring X X X X
BISTM Brain Monitoring     X X
INVOSTM Cerebral/Somatic Oximetry Monitoring     X X
NOLTM Nociception Monitoring     X X

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Together with 394 people located in over 100 countries in the EMEA region, we serve more than 17 Million patients annually.


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