This pulse oximetry sensor maintains high-level of accuracy for all Fitzpatrick skin types in the most challenging conditions.

Our latest Nellcor™ Oxysoft™ SpO2 sensor is designed to improve signal acquisition during poor perfusion, provide faster readings in challenging situations, stay adhered longer, and can be repositioned without pulling on or damaging fragile skin.

With a new silicone adhesive, brighter LEDs, thoughtful cord placement, and a lower, lighter profile, it allows you the freedom to connect more with your patients and monitors - while making pulse oximetry one less source of stress.

Reduce Waste: Longer-Lasting Adhesives

Looking to reduce waste in your intensive care and emergency units?

Our new Nellcor™ Oxysoft™ is the first SpO2 sensor with a gentle silicone adhesive that withstands up to 18 repositions, without losing its adhesiveness*,†. The new sensor is easy to peel apart and reposition§, which helps you to use less and reduce waste.

A sensor designed for you and your patients

Watch the Nellcor™ Oxysoft™ pulse oximetry sensor from every angle as it demonstrates its revolutionary benefits and features.

Easy to apply.

Sensor guides and new cord placement make the Nellcor™ Oxysoft™ sensor easy and efficient to apply.†,§

Watch this quick video tutorial on how to apply the sensors to adult patients, and download our application guides for both neonatal and adult patients. 

Download neonatal application guide
Download adult application guide

Explore the benefits of the Oxysoft™ Sensor for your neonatal and adult patients.


Fragile skin
deserves protection.

The Nellcor™ Oxysoft™ sensor:

  • Removes 87% less skin cells from fragile skin
  • Stays in place longer, even through motion


Quick decisions
need fast readings.

The Nellcor™ Oxysoft™ sensor provides: 

  • 50% better signal acquisition and 50% reduction in time to post in simulated low perfusion and thicker tissue 
  • Management of the motion interference


Busy days
demand efficiency.

The Nellcor™ Oxysoft™ sensor

  • Is easy to peel apart and reposition§
  • Withstands up to 18 repositions† 
  • Helps you use less of these sensors and get more time back in your day
  • *Patent application - AD No. A0003070US01

  • ** Based on internal MDT study. EBPOM 22 Poster "Performance of Nellcor™ pulse oximetry across varying skin pigmentations: A retrospective analysis"

  • †Based on validation data in head-to-head clinical testing compared to MaxN CSR 2021 0312v1 S20-12. RE00357465 RevA

  • ‡During internal head-to-head bench test compared to MaxN with validated test equipment. RE00368468A00 RevA

  • §Based on a hands-on evaluation with clinicians. RE00357465 RevA

  • ¶ Based on validation data on accuracy compared to CO-oximeter CSR MDT20028OXYLOV v1.0