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The Digitrapper™ reflux testing system monitors extra-esophageal symptoms and differentiates between reflux and non-reflux events to help you understand the root cause of reflux symptoms in your patients.([FOOTNOTE=Sifrim D, Castell D, Dent J, Kahrilas PJ. Gastro-oesophageal reflux monitoring: review and consensus report on detection and definitions of acid, non-acid, and gas reflux. Gut. 2004;53(7):1024-1031. Page 1030.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])

By measuring the acid content and duration of each reflux event, the Digitrapper™ reflux testing system helps determine adequacy of acid control in patients on or off PPI therapy.([FOOTNOTE=Garrean CP, et al. Acid Reflux Detection and Symptom-Reflux Association using 4-Day Wireless pH Recording Combining 48-Hour Periods Off and On PPI Therapy. Am J Gastroenterol. 2008;103:1631-1637. Page 1636, Col 2.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])


Understand reflux symptoms with catheter-based pH and impedance testing

The Digitrapper™ reflux testing system enables a thorough evaluation of acid reflux symptoms, helping physicians to improve management of GERD patients and develop the best care plans.1

  • Assesses the presence of non-acid reflux that may be contributing to PPI refractory disease1
  • Identifies all types of reflux events and measures their duration and acid content1
  • Combines pH and impedance testing for patients
  • Helps determine the cause of extra-esophageal reflux symptoms1

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