The ARCHIMEDES™* biodegradable biliary and pancreatic stent is intended to be used to drain obstructed biliary or pancreatic ducts.([FOOTNOTE=ARCHIMEDES instructions for use. (IFU ARCHIMEDES amg. 02 - 093A45_180706.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=]) The patented helical design of the stent allows bile or pancreatic fluid to flow on the outer extremity of the device while supporting the patency of the duct.

Think outside the stent

A new way of thinking about biliary drainage — procedural intervention should no longer be the norm

Intended Use/Indications

This device is used to drain obstructed biliary or pancreatic ducts and is indicated for obstructed biliary or pancreatic ducts.

  • Those specific to ERCP and any procedure to be performed in conjunction with stent placement.
  • Inability to pass the guidewire or stent through the obstructed area.
  • All cardiovascular applications.
  • Placement of the stent in biliary obstructions precluding any form of cholangiography.

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