New hemostatic powder technology: immediate hemostasis, low rebleeding rates, and minimal scattering or catheter clogging.

  • A proprietary powder coating technology that minimizes catheter clogging and particle scattering 
  • Unique delivery system that doesn’t rely on CO2 or air compressors
  • Distinctive blue color so you can have the confidence the lesion is fully covered
  • Highly adhesive gel that reacts to moisture, not just active bleeding, so it can be used in a variety of clinical applications

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NexpowderTM* Endoscopic Hemostasis System Clinical Summary

A prospective study assessed the feasibility of Nexpowder™* application in refractory upper gastrointestinal bleeding in 17 patients, and has shown:

  • Successful application in all patients
  • Initial hemostasis in 16 out of 17 patients: 94%.
  • Rebleeding within 30 days was seen in 3 out of 16 patients (19%)
  • Remnants of the gel was evident in 11 out of 16 patients (69%) at the second examination after 24 hours1

In a retrospective study in Korea monotherapy with Nexpowder™* was administered to 56 patients with active bleeding. Immediate hemostasis was achieved in 96.4% (54/56) with a rebleeding rate of 3.7% (2/54) and no adverse events.3

Efficacy of a novel hemostatic adhesive powder in patients with upper gastrointestinal tumor bleeding

Jongbeom Shin et al. 

Published in: BMC Gastroenterol (2021) 21:40

Conclusion: In conclusion, this single-arm study demonstrated Nexpowder™* was associated with excellent immediate hemostasis rate and safety profile as well as low rebleeding for upper GI tumor bleeding.

New hemostatic powder technology

Immediate hemostasis. Low rebleeding rates. Minimal scattering or catheter clogging. Learn more about our Nexpowder™* Endoscopic hemostasis system

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