LigaSure™ XP Maryland Jaw Sealer/Divider

eXPlore new horizons

With new levels of performance, precision and procedural efficiency in vessel sealing.

LigaSure™ Trusted Technology is going next-level

Starting with the LigaSure™ XP Maryland, we’re adding new levels of performance, precision and procedural efficiency.1, *,**,‡ Helping you meet the surgical demands of today and tomorrow.

We’re excited to bring these expanded capabilities to our surgical energy portfolio — and we’re confident you will be, too.  We created LigaSure™ XP Maryland to provide you with:

Premium performance

  • Confidence to reliably seal thick tissue2,4,§,††
  • Longer seal plate length and optimal jaw force for grasping, manipulating, and sealing thick tissue2,3,§,‡‡

Elevated level of precision

  • Jaw design makes it easier to access tissue planes4,§
  • Curved jaws enable fine dissection and skeletonization of vessels4,††

Improved procedural efficiency

  • Longer jaws seal and transect more tissue per bite4,§
  • 360-degree continuous jaw rotation improves efficiency with undisrupted movement4,‡,§

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eXPanded options

More choice means more possibilities — and we’re committed to putting new and improved devices in your hands. Get ready to explore next-level surgical energy performance with the LigaSure™ XP Maryland jaw devices.

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*The LigaSure™ XP Maryland jaw device is indicated for use in general surgery and such surgical specialties as colorectal, bariatric, urologic, vascular, thoracic, and gynecologic.

**Thick tissue is defined as non-dissected vascular tissue or fatty tissue

‡Compared to their current preferred device; 21 of 23 surgeons agreed during clinical procedures. §24 out of 29 surgeons agree.

Ω28 out of 29 surgeons agree.

††Compared to legacy LigaSure(TM) devices

‡‡ Bench tissue may not be indicative of clinical tissue performance

§ LigaSure XP Maryland Jaw length & aperture(23.368mm & 14.437mm) vs LigaSure™ Maryland length & aperture(20.523mm & 12.344mm) as measured from device tip to tissue stop.

§§ 29 out of 29 surgeons agree

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3.Based on internal report #RE00372649 Rev A, Archer surgeon summative evaluation report. March 22, 2022.

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