Update your BIS™ Monitoring System

The BIS™ monitoring system with 3.50 software offers an enhanced way to personalize anesthetics for each patient with the following new features:

  • Density spectral array (DSA) with visual display of EEG bands
  • Suppression time (ST)
  • Suppression ratio (SR)
  • Burst count
  • Spectral edge frequency (SEF)
  • Median frequency (MF)
  • Downloadable continuous live data stream

This software update is intended only for the BIS™ system with software revision 3.01 or greater. Please refer to the BIS™ System Software Version 3.50 Update Procedure to check your current software version and get instructions on how to update your system.

If you have any questions during the update process or your software version is older than 3.01, please contact your local Medtronic representative or technical services at 1-800-635-5267 — or find your local service center.

Download and Install
BIS™ Monitoring System
Software Version 3.50