Update your BIS™ Complete Monitor

Software version 3.5 is now available for download for the BIS™ complete monitor.

This software update is intended only for the BIS™ complete monitor with software revision 3.22 or greater. Please refer to the BIS™ Complete Monitor 3.5 Software Update Procedure, below, to check your current software version and get instructions on how to update your monitor.

Important software updates:

  • The BIS™ complete monitor will display density spectral array (DSA), spectral edge frequency (SEF), mean frequency (MF) and total power (TP) with the unilateral sensor
  • The BIS™ complete monitor will display the cumulative suppression time (ST).


Download and Install BIS™ Complete Monitor 3.5 Software

Get the latest software updates for your BIS™ complete monitor.

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