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The right fit for your team.

The Hugo™ RAS system is portable and modular — so you can move it between ORs and configure it to fit both your patient and procedure.

Hugo™ arm cart

Modular design empowers surgeons to choose the surgical approach for each patient:

  • Three- and four-arm configurations for robotic-assisted surgery 
  • One-arm configuration to assist with standard laparoscopic procedures

Plus, it’s compact for easy storage and freeing up space in the operating room.

Hugo™ surgeon console

Open console streamlines surgical team communication and enhances your comfort while offering:

  • 3D HD vision that doesn’t sacrifice situational awareness
  • Easy-grip controllers to control instruments at a variety of scales
  • Adjustability to each surgeon’s preferences
  • Compatibility with the Hugo™ task simulator

The Hugo™ task simulator

Turns the surgeon console into a 3D HD simulated environment, enabling surgeons to learn and practice:

  • Instrument and camera control
  • Electrosurgery application
  • Needle driving and suturing
  • Movement and efficiency

Hugo™ Tower

The Hugo™ tower isn't just the central processing unit for the robotic system. It's also your newest laparoscopic tower.

Featuring KARL STORZ™* technologies, the Hugo™ RAS tower provides:

  • Three-dimensional views in full HD
  • Image enhancement modes to help identify critical structures. 
  • 3D HD endoscope that can be placed on any robotic arm
  • Valleylab™ FT10 energy platform
  • Touch Surgery™ Enterprise video management and analytics platform compatibility

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Our 3D HD endoscope can be placed on any robotic arm, enhancing your view of the anatomy.

Hugo™ instrumentation

Hugo™ wristed instruments gives you versatility and quality.

  • Wristed shears, graspers, forceps, and needle drivers deliver true dexterity 
  • A full seven degrees of freedom for accessing anatomical targets

Insights at your fingertips.

Compatible with Touch Surgery™ Enterprise
Connects the OR to the cloud to securely and seamlessly record your procedures and gather data for viewing, analysis and improving surgical technique.

Let our team support yours.

Unlock your potential.

Your success is our priority. That’s why every Hugo™ RAS system comes with:

  • An onsite start-up specialist to help optimise your program 
  • Expert field engineers and a global service team dedicated to robotics

Build confidence.

The Hugo™ ASCEND training pathway

A solid foundation of technical training and procedural experiences to build skills, drive confidence, and maximise utilisation.

Ready to see the Hugo™ RAS system in action?

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Refer to the Instructions for Use for detailed information regarding the instructions for use, indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions and potential adverse events. In Australia, Hugo™ Robotic Assisted Surgery System is currently indicated for certain Gynaecological and Urologic surgical procedures (Please refer to User Guide for a full list of specified procedures).