Protect the ventilator's exhalation and spirometry systems

The Puritan Bennett™ Re/X700 expiratory filter is a reusable filter designed for use with the Puritan Bennett™ 700 series ventilator. It reduces particles and bacteria in the patient’s exhaled gas, protecting the ventilator’s exhalation and spirometry systems.


  • 99.97% filtration efficiency of 0.3 microns nominal particle size at 100 L/min flow
  • Meets CDC requirement for n100 filtration
  • Resistance to flow less than 2.5 cmH2O at 100 L/min when new
Order Information
Order Code Description Unit of Measure Quantity
G-060525-00 Puritan Bennett™ Re/X700 Reusable Expiratory Filter Box 1
Filter medium Minimum filter efficiency of 99.97% retention of particles 0.3 μm nominal at 100 L/min flow
Resistance to air flow Less than 2.5 cmH2O at 100 L/min flow when new
Size 3.5 in. diameter (8.9 cm) x 6.70 in. length (17.0 cm)
Internal volume Approximately 350 milliliters
Leakage Less than 0.01 L/min at 3 psi (211 cmH2O) internal pressure
Construction Filter housing and end cap material — polysulfone plastic
Connectors ISO 22 mm male conical connectors

Order Information