Puritan Bennett™ 980 neonatal ventilator system interactive brochure

Including Synchronized NIV and NIV+

Help Protect the Most Vulnerable Newborns

We designed the Puritan Bennett™ 980 neonatal ventilator to deliver ventilation that helps enhance comfort and care for NICU patients, with a focus on synchrony, accuracy, and leak compensation.

Hear what leading neonatologists have to say about NIV+ software

There are advances in software technology designed to provide greater insights into not just airway leaks, but pressure delivery.

Puritan Bennett™ 980 Ventilator

NIV+ Software Quick Reference Guide

NIV+ software for the Puritan Bennett™ 980 ventilator is designed to measure end inspiratory and end expiratory pressures at the patient interface.

This provides valuable information to the clinician and may reduce the uncertainty around effective pressure delivery to the patient. It also provides a robust means of determining disconnect, especially when leaks are present.

Learn how to set up and configure the NIV+ software option.


Help Protect Newborns from Leak-Related Asynchrony

  • Manage neonate breathing pattern in VC+breath type
  • Avoid complications of invasive ventilation with SIMV, available in NIV
  • Monitor trending with neonatal presets


Easily Navigate With Intuitive User Interface

  • Reduce nuisance alarms in CPAP
  • Customize display to enhance workflow
  • Pause and review historical data
  • Larger font size allows for viewing data at a distance

Complimentary Education Cirriculum

Fundamentals of Neonatal Mechanical Ventilation

  • Available for CE credit
  • Why and how we ventilate neonates
  • What happens during neonatal ventilation therapy
  • Concepts to focus on when liberating neonates from ventilators

Address Patient Safety

Ventilator assurance
• Allows ventilation to continue in the event of certain system failures

Status display
• Provides a back-up display, even if the graphic user interface is unavailable

Standby state
• Pauses ventilation and preserves settings while the patient is disconnected
• Autodetects patient upon reconnection

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