Clinician-inspired Solutions in Care, Comfort and Convenience

Shiley™ flexible tracheostomy tubes are focused on three key needs: patient care, patient comfort and clinical convenience.


Soft materials and an expanded range of sizes.


Better seal with the TaperGuard™ cuff


Color-coding by size (for disposable inner cannula products only) and a clear flange for enhanced visualization of the stoma site.


Internal benchtop testing has documented the performance advantages of the new Shiley™ Flexible tracheostomy tube with TaperGuard™ cuff.

When compared with a standard Shiley™ DCT tube with a barrel-shaped cuff, the Shiley™ flexible tracheostomy tube with TaperGuard™ cuff showed:

  • Average air seal performance improvement of 90.33%
  • Average fluid seal performance improvement of 99.67%
  • Insertion force reduction of 39.50%