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Compelling long-term clinical results with an uncompromised track record of quality in development and manufacturing in Europe, offering a truly comprehensive hernia repair portfolio with product options spanning mesh, fixation, dissection and biologics. 

Proven Results.
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Explore more information about the importance of key parameters driving mesh performance and our clinical long-term experience.

Advancing Hernia Care

with quality mesh products

Our complete hernia mesh portfolio and Biologic implants are manufactured in Trevoux, France.

91 Employees in advanced manufacturing engineering, regulatory, clinical affairs, marketing, and project management.


Innovative Hernia Repair Solutions

Year after year

Medtronic Hernia Repair offers complete solutions for successful results.

ONE MILLION+ Units of Parietex™ composite mesh manufactured between 1999 and 2017

TWO MILLION+ Units of meshes using ProGrip™ mesh technology manufactured since 2007