Renal denervation for hypertension

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The Symplicity™ blood pressure procedure provides a
complementary approach to hypertension (HTN) treatment.

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Transforming hypertension treatment

A data point shows that hypertension affects 1.28 billion adults worldwide.

adults with hypertension worldwide1

A data point shows that about 80% of hypertension patients do not have their blood pressure under control.

of hypertension patients do not have their blood pressure under control1

A data point shows that 50% of hypertension patients become non-adherent to medication within one year.

of hypertension patients become non-adherent to their medication within one year2

Hypertension is a leading preventable cause of heart attack, stroke, and death.3 But medication and lifestyle modifications are not always enough to control it.

A novel approach to treating hypertension

The Symplicity blood pressure procedure complements medication and lifestyle changes to treat hypertension. But unlike medications, it maintains blood pressure (BP) reductions over a 24-hour period.4-6
A graphic emphasizes that blood pressure reductions with this treatment last all day.

See how the Symplicity Spyral™ system works

The Symplicity Spyral™ renal denervation system supplies precisely controlled and targeted radiofrequency (RF) energy to the renal nerves, safely disrupting the overactive sympathetic signaling between the kidneys and brain to reduce blood pressure.7

Proven to reduce blood pressure4

The Symplicity blood pressure procedure is proven to achieve safe and clinically meaningful blood pressure reduction in the presence and absence of medications in multiple clinical trials and a real-world patient registry.4-6,8

A graphical data point affirms this treatment reduced cardiovascular risks 26% in a patient registry.

Imagine the impact

Key findings from the GLOBAL SYMPLICITY REGISTRY found a 26% reduction in Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events (MACE) risk with the Symplicity blood pressure procedure compared to a modeled control group.9
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In typical uncontrolled hypertension patients.

ANCOVA adjusted; secondary efficacy analysis.

RDN arm reduction from baseline.


Compared to modeled control group in the GLOBAL SYMPLICITY REGISTRY.


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