Patient education materials

Referrals and patient selection

Explore tools and resources that help your patients understand how the Symplicity™ blood pressure procedure could reduce their blood pressure.

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Make the right decision together

Your patients with hypertension may have questions about the Symplicity blood pressure procedure. Medtronic makes these conversations easier with ready-made educational resources.

Patient brochures

Explain the facts about high blood pressure

Provide your patients with a simple overview explaining the risks associated to high blood pressure and all the available treatments.

Introduce patients to the procedure  

Give your patients a helpful, easy-to-read brochure that explains the Symplicity blood pressure procedure in patient-friendly language.

Answer questions after the procedure

Provide your patients with a brief document to answer some of the most common post-procedure questions and to record important details for their follow-up appointments.
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Learn more about Symplicity

Explore CME courses, peer presentations, training materials, and other educational content about the Symplicity procedure.

Take action on hypertension by building a dedicated program.

Test your HTN knowledge

Hypertension (HTN) remains an urgent global health challenge. Do you know the full extent of its prevalence around the world?