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Clinically meaningful blood pressure reduction across 7,000 patients*2,3

The SPYRAL HTN Clinical Program features the most rigorous and extensive patient experience as shown in multiple clinical trials and the largest real-world patient registry.1,4-7

Data from randomized controlled trials

The Symplicity blood pressure procedure has demonstrated signifcant, safe and sustained blood pressure reductions in randomized controlled trials.1,4-6

Largest real-world registry

The GLOBAL SYMPLICITY REGISTRY, which includes a cross-section of high-risk patient subgroups, has shown blood pressure reductions between -10 and -20 mmHg out to three years.7

Unmatched clinical evidence

The Symplicity blood pressure procedure is supported by published clinical evidence unmatched in scope, quantity, and quality.
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Patients enrolled in Medtronic-sponsored, funded or physician-initiated studies.

In typical uncontrolled hypertension patients.

ANCOVA adjusted; secondary efficacy analysis.


RDN arm reduction from baseline.


Death, stroke, end-stage renal disease, or MI.


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