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Changing lives around the world

The safety and efficacy of the Symplicity blood pressure procedure is supported by published clinical experience on more than 7,000 patients,1 and more than 20,000 Symplicity procedures have been performed worldwide.1 And the largest real-world registry has patients enrolled in 42 countries.2 Here, patients who have experienced the procedure first-hand share its impact on their lives.
Medtronic invited these patients to share their stories candidly. These stories reflect the personal experiences of people who have had the Symplicity blood pressure procedure using the Medtronic Symplicity renal denervation system. The Symplicity blood pressure procedure isn’t suitable for all patients. Individual patient outcomes may vary. Adverse events include, but are not limited to, pain and hematoma. Results may vary. See the Symplicity Spyral™ IFU for more info.
Read a quote from a real Medtronic RDN patient named Mary.

Life-changing results

Mary knows the risks of high blood pressure very well. Her family has a long history of heart conditions, and she has struggled with high blood pressure for more than 40 years. She tried to control it with different medications but did not have much success. The medications caused headaches and an overall uncomfortable feeling. But she also had to live with the constant knowledge that a stroke, heart attack, or some other serious event could happen at any given time.
After learning about the Symplicity blood pressure procedure, Mary’s doctor screened her for it. She was happy to learn she was eligible to receive it because it gave her hope that she could better manage her hypertension. Mary received the Symplicity blood pressure procedure, which she says changed her life completely.

Experiencing control

Philip’s family suffers from various heart conditions, and Philip had experienced high blood pressure for a while but never saw a doctor about it. One day, a nurse visiting his job took his blood pressure and sent him to the doctor immediately. It turned out his blood pressure was critically high.
After being diagnosed with hypertension, Philip tried a different medication every two months but with little success. Then he learned about the Symplicity blood pressure procedure and found he was eligible to receive it. Despite a fear of hospitals, Philip underwent the procedure with a positive attitude and claimed that he experienced slight discomfort. After the procedure, Philip measured his blood pressure twice a day for two months and saw his numbers go down.
Read a quote from a real Medtronic RDN patient named Philip.
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Mahfoud F, Mancia G, Schmieder R, et al. Three-year safety and efficacy in the Global Symplicity Registry: Impact of antihypertensive medication burden on blood pressure reduction. Presented at PCR e-course 2020.