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Medscape education (CME credits available)

Medscape education

Clinical advances in interventional innovations for blood pressure control. 

Medscape’s education platform helps physicians learn about recent data with innovative interventional technology that can help patients achieve blood pressure control as an alternative to, or in addition to, typical treatment plans that include anti-hypertensive medications and lifestyle modifcations. CME credits available.

Radcliffe medical education (CME credits available)

American Heart Association (CME credits available)

American College of Cardiology (CME credits available)

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Select the right patients

See which types of patients could beneft from the Symplicity blood pressure procedure.

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Extensive clinical evidence

The Symplicity blood pressure procedure is supported by multiple clinical trials and a real-world patient registry.1-4

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Transforming hypertension treatment

The Symplicity blood pressure procedure is changing how patients with hypertension can reduce their blood pressure.


Mahfoud F, Kandzari DE, Kario K, et al. Long-term efficacy and safety of renal denervation in the presence of antihypertensive drugs (SPYRAL HTN-ON MED): a randomised, sham-controlled trial. The Lancet. 2022;399:1401-1410.


Mahfoud F, Mancia G, Schmieder R, et al. Three-year safety and efficacy in the Global Symplicity Registry: Impact of antihypertensive medication burden on blood pressure reduction. Presented at PCR e-course 2020.


Böhm M, Kario K, Kandzari DE, et al. Efficacy of catheter-based renal denervation in the absence of antihypertensive medications (SPYRAL HTN-OFF MED Pivotal): a multicentre, randomised, sham-controlled trial. The Lancet. 2020;395:1444-1451.


Kandzari DE, Böhm M, Mahfoud F, et al. Effect of renal denervation on blood pressure in the presence of antihypertensive drugs: 6-month efficacy and safety results from the SPYRAL HTN-ON MED proof-of-concept randomised trial. The Lancet. 2018;391(10137):2346.